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Upcoming Services for Tuesday 5 April

04 April 2022

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing an unplanned disruption to our Upcoming Services page. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you would like to view information about a service scheduled for Tuesday 5 April, please refer to the table below.

Please note, this disruption applies only to the listing of upcoming services on our website. Live streaming of funeral and burial services has not been affected and will continue as planned. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your patience.

Given Names Surname Cemetery Location Date Time

Judy Buchanan

Bayliss Cheltenham Memorial Park Presbyterian, Section 163, Grave 047 5 April 9:00 am
Suzanne Katharyne Yanko

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Boyd Chapel 5 April 9:30 am
MarioFinocchiaroSpringvale Botanical CemeteryBirches, Row AS, Grave 305 April10:00 am
DorothyBoweringSpringvale Botanical CemeteryWilson Chapel5 April10:30 am
Rawiri PotaeCollierBunurong Memorial ParkCirrus Reflection Space5 April10:30 am
ElviraNelsonSpringvale Botanical CemeteryBlair Chapel5 April11:00 am
Leo JosephEllertonSpringvale Botanical CemeteryA J Holt Lawn, Row AD, Grave 155 April11:00 am
Eileen RoseEllertonSpringvale Botanical CemeteryA J Holt Lawn, Row AD, Grave 155 April11:00 am
IrmaSheltonBunurong Memorial ParkStratus Reflection Space5 April11:00 am
Leeanne Sue


Springvale Botanical CemeteryWilson Chapel5 April11:45 am
AlexandraTsakoumangosSpringvale Botanical CemeteryBirches, Row AC, Grave 335 April12:00 pm
Ronda MaryRogersSpringvale Botanical CemeteryRenowden Chapel5 April12:00 pm
Maria Concetta K/A ConnieCimolinoBunurong Memorial ParkCirrus Reflection Space5 April12:00 pm
Richard VictorHormanBunurong Memorial ParkLePage Lawn, Row 68, Grave 1485 April12:00 pm
Suzanne KatharyneYankoSpringvale Botanical CemeteryEucalypt, Garden 2, Grave 3065 April12:15 pm
Manuel SarmientoLopezSpringvale Botanical CemeteryB D Arnold Memorial Lawn, Row BV, Grave 0345 April12:30 pm
NickKapaklisSpringvale Botanical CemeteryBlue Gum, Row T, Grave 0455 April1:00 pm
Ronda MaryRogersSpringvale Botanical CemeteryJoshua Jordan Lawn, Row T, Grave 245 April1:15 pm
VincenzaCavalieriMelbourne General CemeteryUndenominational, Compartment 4AV, Grave 50A5 April1:30 pm
JillPorterSpringvale Botanical CemeteryRenowden Chapel5 April1:30 pm
NedeljkoSipovacSpringvale Botanical CemeteryOther Denominations, Compartment B, Section T, Grave 515 April1:30 pm
ConcettaCernazCheltenham Memorial ParkOther Denominations, Section 38, Grave 0275 April1:30 pm
StephenEldridgeBunurong Memorial ParkCirrus Reflection Space5 April2:00 pm
YusufGerizliBunurong Memorial ParkRawda As-Salam, Row AW, Grave 0345 April2:00 pm
Olive PatriciaLangBunurong Memorial ParkThe Sanctuary5 April2:30 pm