Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

Murrun Naroon, located in the beautiful Bunurong Memorial Park, offers a serene final resting place for environmentally conscious individuals seeking natural burials in Melbourne. This natural burial ground provides a sense of openness and connection with nature.

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Murrun Naroon Natural Burials

What is Natural Burial

Natural burial – also known as green burial – is a process which allows for the body after death to return to the earth in the most environmentally beneficial way possible.

The materials that are used for traditional burials are usually non-biodegradable. This means that they cannot be broken down by the action of living organisms. However, at a natural burial site all the materials that are used in the process are biodegradable, including biodegradable caskets or shrouds.

Not only are natural or green burials more environmentally friendly, but they also give people the ability to reconnect with the earth and the cycles of nature. The site of a natural burial is intended to blend in with the local environment as much as possible and is kept free of any items or plantings that are not native to the area.

Why Natural Burial may appeal to you

  • Natural burial has a lower carbon footprint than traditional burial. It minimises environmental impacts, contributes to bushland regeneration, and supports native plants and wildlife.
  • Natural burials allow for the option of having a green funeral.
  • It is a simple and less formal process which removes some of the complicated decision-making around funerals and burial processes, including ceremony, coffin or casket, headstone, and floral arrangements.
  • Natural burial sites are designed to blend in with the local environment – in the case of Murrun Naroon native bushland – which is appealing for those who aren’t inspired by traditional cemeteries.
  • Natural burials complement those who wish to celebrate life by being in harmony with nature and natural processes and are suitable for people of many faiths and spiritual beliefs, or none at all.

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With Murrun Naroon, we believe in honouring and celebrating life while also being environmentally conscious. Our natural burial options give people the ability to reconnect with the earth naturally and gently in a native bushland environment.

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Overhead drone shot of Murrun Naroon at Bunurong Memorial Park
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