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Terms and Conditions

Freedom of Information (FOI) request

Within the cemeteries we manage there are various sections, a variety of styles of interment and memorialisation and characteristics at times tailored to the needs of particular cultures.

The Trust is faced by the challenge of trying to serve the needs of its community as well as ensuring its ability to maintain the ambiance of particular areas and its ability to maintain its sites in perpetuity.

To ensure clarity, when a person (the Applicant) seeks to purchase a Right of Interment for grave, crypt or memorial or a plaque or other good or service at one of the sites (the Cemetery) managed by the Trust they will usually be required to complete an application form.

That form will detail the general conditions that apply. These general conditions are listed below. In addition there may be specific terms and conditions related to particular transactions. To obtain a copy of the additional terms and conditions relating to a specific area please contact us. The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust reserves the right to amend any or all of the terms and conditions at its discretion at any time.


Use and development of Cemetery

Any statement or reference concerning specifications, requirements, restrictions, controls, dimensions or heights as they relate to monuments (either generally or to one or more monuments), rights of interment, graves and grave sites, plaques, memorials, tombstones, vaults, cemetery infrastructure (including but not limited to roads, gardens and cemetery facilities) or future plans for the development and/or use of any part of the cemetery, made to the Applicant or contained in these conditions or in any other document (including but not limited to promotional brochures) is indicative only and all such specifications, requirements, restrictions, controls, dimensions or heights may be varied by the Cemetery, in its absolute discretion, at any time.


The Applicant will be required to pay a deposit of 20% of the purchase price immediately upon signing this application. The balance of the purchase price must be paid:

  • in full within 30 days; or
  • upon agreement with the Cemetery, extended payment terms are available.

Fees must be paid in full before:

  • an interment or cremation is performed; or
  • a plaque/headstone/monument is ordered.

The Cemetery reserves the right to alter fees without prior notification. However, once the Applicant has paid a deposit, the fee will be fixed (even if the Cemetery increases the fees for that service before the Applicant has paid in full).

If payment of the balance of the purchase price is not made within 30 days, or in accordance with an agreed instalment plan, the Cemetery may terminate or cancel the application. If this occurs, the Cemetery will refund any payments already made (less the applicable cancellation fee).

We accept direct debit, cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and Bpay payments. Credit card transactions may incur an additional fee. Please note: if a purchase is for a service that is to occur within seven working days, a personal or company cheque is not acceptable.

If the Cemetery does not accept this application, the Cemetery will refund in full all amounts paid by the Applicant.


Applications for interment or other arrangements with respect to a grave/crypt may only be made with the authority of the holder of the Right of Interment. Applicants must provide:

  • a copy of the certificate of Right of Interment or other equivalent document that identifies the holder of the Right of Interment; and
  • where the Applicant is not the holder of the Right of Interment – a letter of authority from the holder of the Right of Interment or such other documentation as required by the Cemetery in its absolute discretion.

Floral & Memento Policy

To preserve the well-kept beauty of the cemetery grounds and to reduce risk of injury, ornaments, glass jars, tins and other non approved items are not permitted. Artificial flowers are not permitted except within designated areas. Non approved items will be removed and disposed of without prior notification. Information about approved/non approved items is available from the Cemetery on request.


The Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 allows the Cemetery to refuse permission to erect, or remove, anything placed on a grave, crypt or memorial if it would contravene the Cemetery’s rules, and in other circumstances.

The Cemetery reserves the right to consider variations to permit requirements or to reject inappropriate designs as determined at its absolute discretion.

Alternative Suppliers

Plaques and memorials may be purchased, supplied and affixed in position by the Cemetery. Plaques and some memorials may also be supplied by external suppliers. The contact details for alternative suppliers may be listed in the Yellow Pages or on the internet. To ensure the correct placement and appropriateness of such externally supplied products to a specific area within the grounds, the Cemetery’s prior written approval must be obtained. Placement fees may be applicable. The Cemetery is not responsible for the quality of goods or workmanship of items purchased from external suppliers.

Premium Location

Designated areas may attract an additional premium location fee. Premium location fees are determined by the Cemetery and are the greater of $500 or up to 125% of the location fee.

Priority Allocation

At the discretion of the Cemetery, areas that are not yet open for sale may be purchased ahead of time. An additional payment of a priority allocation fee may be required. This fee may be up to 100% of the equivalent product fee.

Inscriptions in other languages

An additional fee may be applicable for inscriptions in languages other than English. An English translation, certified by the Applicant, will be required.