Craft your own story

We all have a story to tell about our lives that we would like to share with our families and friends. Whether it's a few pages or many, it's valuable to tell your story.

With MyLifebook, you can capture what matters to you. We'll help you celebrate your life by helping you prepare for every stage of it whilst building knowledge, skills and comfort levels to face the big questions with loved ones. End of life planning doesn't need to be hard.

End of life planning

What does MyLifebook include?

MyLifebook is an end of life guide that captures personal information and a record of your wishes including:

  • Location of Will and additional documents
  • Significant relationship details (parents, children, other carers)
  • My story (childhood, jobs, accomplishments)
  • Burial or cremation arrangements or desired arrangements
  • Flower, clothing, music preferences for desired arrangements
  • Estate information
  • And more
End of life checklist
MyLifebook end of life planning

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