Deciding between burial or cremation

30 June 2022
Deciding between burial or cremation

Making end-of-life plans can be a very daunting task, whether for yourself or for a loved one.

If arrangements have not been made for a loved one, or if they did not express their wishes, one of the most important decisions you will make is deciding between burial and cremation. This can also be true if you are making plans for yourself, and are yet to decide how you would like to be remembered.

While many people state a preference for one or the other during their life, the information below may help to guide your decision if you are unsure.

Please contact us to discuss your options or to arrange a meeting at the location of your choice.


Burial may refer to a number of different situations; however, in all instances, it involves placing the deceased within a coffin, casket or shroud.

Burial may take place:

Below ground level within an earth-grave

There are a number of different earth-grave options to suit a wide range of preferences. It is essential to select the desired location carefully as the area chosen will determine which form of memorial is available. Options range from a plaque which sits flush with the ground, a headstone or a full monument that covers the total grave area.

View our burial options for more information on the different burial styles and locations that are available.

Above ground within a mausoleum crypt

Mausoleum crypts provide for above-ground interment within a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Crypts are generally designed to accommodate either one or two and are adorned with either marble or granite.

View our mausoleum options for more information

Choosing the right burial option

If burial is the preferred option, we encourage you to visit one of our cemeteries so that we can show you around our grounds and fully explain the various options and locations available. As this is a critical long-term decision, we want you to feel comfortable, knowing you have chosen the most appropriate style of burial, in an ideal location for reflection.

More information, please contact us or refer to burial options.


Cremation involves placing a coffin or casket into a cremator.

We offer a wide variety of beautiful cremation memorial options throughout our magnificent cemeteries. An advantage of choosing a cremation with us is that we provide a complimentary memorial within our Walls of Reflection for several months. This service offers families and friends with a place of remembrance while permanent options are being considered or plaques made.

Choosing an enduring cremation memorial in a not-for-profit, community-based cemetery is a thoughtful decision, as it not only provides a poignant place for reflection now but a tangible record for future generations.

For those who prefer to keep their loved one’s ashes in their safekeeping, we also provide a range of personal cremation memorials, including urns and handcrafted jewellery.

For information on the cremation memorial options, please contact us or refer to cremation memorial options.

Help to consider your options

If you are unsure whether to decide on burial or cremation, our compassionate and experienced Client Services Consultants are on hand to help and to arrange an obligation-free tour of our grounds. Please contact us for more information.

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