Supporting Our Community

Supporting Our Community

A place of healing

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) is a community based, purposed organisation, committed to serving the needs of our communities.

Over and above the funeral services we provide, we are committed to supporting families through their grief journey—redefining the role of cemeteries and memorial parks as places for connection, healing and the celebration of life. Together with our communities, we are building a healthier and more connected Victoria.

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The Centre for Care & Wellbeing

Set within the peaceful gardens of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, the Centre for Care & Wellbeing offers companionship following the death of a loved one and assists people throughout their journey of grief, loss and mourning.

While we do not profess to ease the grieving process, we are here for each and every person at a time when they need us most. We offer a range of free wellness and community group sessions within the safe haven of our new (2020) purpose-built centre.

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The Centre for Care & Wellbeing


Helping our communities to move from grieving to remembrance. Each year we host a variety of remembrance services that provide the community with a chance to come together and reflect on the life of a loved one. All of our remembrance events are free to attend and often include hospitality, live music and for our popular Children's Christmas service the extraordinary and loved lolly bar.

* With current social distancing restrictions in place, alternative online video remembrance services have been arranged.

Children's Remembrance Service
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