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Please take extra care when visiting our sites during this period of extreme wet weather

01 September 2022
A photograph of rain dripping off the leaves of a tree at Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

With an extraordinary rainfall of 385.1 mm between January and August 2022, this year has brought us the wettest June and July in years and the wettest August in more than two decades.

Over the last few months, our grounds have been struggling to drain as quickly as they normally would, due to the continuous rain volume and the heavy-clay nature of the soil across our sites.

While our teams are doing everything they can to keep our grounds safe and looking their best, these conditions present a number of challenges and for us and our community including wet, slippery paths, and muddy, waterlogged lawns.

We expect our grounds to drain naturally as drier weather approaches, but in the meantime, your safety is our number one priority and during the wet season we ask you to please:

  • Stay on sealed paths as much as possible when the ground is very muddy
  • Drive carefully in the rain, keeping to the speed limit displayed, and pull over if your visibility is impaired
  • Park only in designated parking spaces, and not on grass
  • Wear appropriate footwear and avoid stepping on or over fallen branches or debris
  • Avoid placing loose items on the resting place of a loved one that could be easily damaged or displaced by rain and wind
  • In any extreme weather conditions, consider rescheduling your visit
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