That’s what friends are for

24 November 2021
That’s what friends are for

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

- Helen Keller

During the most challenging times in our life, it’s our friends that we turn to. Ahead of National Best Friend’s Day, we wanted to share the importance of friends during times of grief.

The quote by Helen Keller sums it up perfectly. Our closest and dearest friends are those who can be there for us during the darkest moments in our lives. They are the ones who pick us up when we fall, offer a shoulder to cry on and make us laugh when we thought that might never be possible again.

Being a friend is about being there. Whatever they need, whenever they need it – or perhaps it’s that they don’t actually need anything. It’s being a companion.

A friend is someone you lean on when you’re not strong, as the wonderful song suggests it’s saying “I’ll help you carry on”. Friendships are about giving and taking and during a time of grief, you are there to give to your friend in any way they need.

Grief can be a lonely road and it’s so much better when there is someone there to comfort. If you think a friend is going through a challenging time, give them a call. Send them a note. Ask them to go out with you. Just let them know that you’re there, you’re thinking of them and they are not alone, wherever you both may be.

Meet new friends at The Centre for Care & Wellbeing

Set within the peaceful gardens of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, the Centre for Care & Wellbeing offers companionship following the death of a loved one and assists people throughout their journey of grief, loss and mourning.

This is a safe haven where stories are told, connections are made, lives are honoured and care is anchored in compassion. We love seeing the friendships and support that is fostered between visitors at the centre.

Although we have so many lovely friends In our lives, sometimes it can be hard to find people who understand our situation at the time. At the centre, you can meet with others who are going through the journey of grief and perhaps make a friend for life. Sometimes it’s in those challenging times that a new person steps up for us and fosters a strong bond while helping us navigate the darker times.

We are proud of the community that the Centre of Care & Wellbeing has established. We provide our members and visitors with compassion and care that transcends beyond the initial period of grief and into the period of mourning, regardless of how long that may take.

Learn more here.

Share this with your best friend and let them know you’re thinking of them today!

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