Floral and Memento Guidelines

23 November 2021
Respectful Floral and Memento Guidelines

Our focus is to maintain the natural beauty and clean lines of the landscape for the benefit of all families and visitors.

To achieve this, we have developed the following guidelines for the placement of flowers and tributes. By adhering to these guidelines, you will assist us with our ongoing maintenance responsibilities and help to ensure that all families can visit and reflect in a safe and tidy environment. While we understand that it is difficult to create policies that meet all needs, these guidelines aim to be fair. Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines and for your consideration of them when next visiting.

Fresh or Dried Flowers are Preferred

We are proud of the natural landscape we have conserved and respectfully request the placement of fresh or dried floral tributes at burial and memorial sites. For your convenience, our on-site florist at Café Vita et flores has a comprehensive range of fresh and dried floral arrangements available seven days a week.

With our focus on environmental sustainability, artificial tributes present a significant issue, as they are not able to be recycled. Fresh floral tributes are preferred as they will biodegrade over time. It can be as simple as a freshly picked flower from home. Please place flowers within the vases provided or, where appropriate, within the vases incorporated within memorials.

Please consider

For environmental and safety reasons, we respectfully ask you not to leave glass, open flames or perishable items. These include items that will deteriorate in weather, such as soft toys.

A Wrapping-Free Parkland

Please remove wrapping and rubber bands from floral arrangements before they are placed in the vases. Wrappings present a significant litter issue and rubber bands may also affect the park’s native wildlife. When visiting we ask for your assistance in removing withered or weathered floral tributes and placing them in the bins provided.

Respect for Neighbouring Memorials

For convenience, each burial or memorial site can hold a maximum of two vases. Please be aware of encroaching on the memorial or burial locations of neighbouring families. Limits are designed to allow families to honour their loved one while ensuring that other families do not feel impinged. Tributes that encroach on neighbouring burial or memorial positions, often cause distress to neighbouring families.

Removal of Floral Tributes

As all floral tributes will wither and weather over time, at some point these will need to be removed as part of our routine maintenance. The grounds are maintained year-round to a standard that enables the entire community to visit a safe and tidy environment.

Headstone and Monument Height Allowances

View our Headstone and Monument Height Allowances.

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