All Souls Mausoleum at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

All Souls Mausoleum at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

The All Souls mausoleum has completed construction within Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

A contemporary interpretation of a timeless mausoleum

All Souls is a contemporary interpretation of a timeless mausoleum, filled with natural light to create a welcoming and comforting ambience.

Designed in a fitting cross layout with a central elevated roof section, generous walkways and expansive areas for contemplation, this stunning building is a place of reflection and inspiration for family and visitors.

All Souls Mausoleum at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

All Souls layout and Crypt Options

The initial 272 crypt mausoleum features crypts four high, broken down into sections surrounding a central campanile and decorative floor mosaic medallion. The expansive open plan provides a range of options for families, including single, true companion and pair crypts, along with two columbarium wall niches that give a boundary to each courtyard garden.

Single crypts provide room to house one individual casket with a single front shutter.

True companion crypts (also known as Tandem) accommodate two caskets positioned end-to-end; however, they only have a single crypt shutter, unlike double crypts.

Pair crypts (also known as Doubles) accommodate two caskets side-by-side with two separate front crypt shutters.

View the floorplan

All Souls Mausoleum Map - PDF Download

Click here to download the All Souls floorplan (PDF version)

Click here to view the All Souls Mausoleum 3D Tour

Garden of Gethsemane Inspired Courtyard

At the heart of the mausoleum is a beautifully landscaped internal garden with details and symbolism drawn from the holiest of Christian gardens, the garden of Gethsemane. This holiest of Christian gardens is honoured and reinterpreted in the All Souls garden by mature olive trees and massive Harcourt granite rock.

Garden of Gethsemane - Design Inspiration
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