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The Centre for Care & Wellbeing


23A Smith Road
Springvale, 3171.
(Temporary location)

Opening Times

10.00am to 3.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
(Closed Public Holidays)

Care anchored in compassion

Set within the peaceful gardens of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, the Centre for Care & Wellbeing offers companionship following the death of a loved one and assists people throughout their journey of grief, loss and mourning.

While we do not profess to ease the grieving process, we are here for each and every person at a time when they need us most.

"This is a safe haven where stories are told, connections are made, lives are honoured and care is anchored in compassion"

Although everyone will grieve and mourn differently, our vast experience and research have taught us much about the grieving process. Influenced by the groundbreaking work of renowned grief expert, Dr Alan Wolfelt, the Centre for Care & Wellbeing provides relevant and considered support services.

We have created a safe environment where participants can take the time needed during this significant time of loss, to reflect, remember and be reminded to take care of themselves physically and emotionally.

We are proud of the community that the Centre of Care & Wellbeing has established. We provide our families with compassion and care that transcends beyond the initial period of grief and into the period of mourning, regardless of how long that may take.

"saying goodbye to someone we love, is not a single moment in time, but rather a never-ending process."

- Dr Alan Wolfelt

"Whoever you are, wherever you are from, whatever your loss, you are respected and your pain is honoured here."

Book a Session Online Today

Book a Session Online Today

We encourage visitors to use our space to simply take time out, chat with others or relax within the comfort of the centre.