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Genesis Project

Remediation works | Genesis Lake and surrounds

As part of continuous monitoring and maintenance of our grounds, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) has noted areas at Bunurong Memorial Park that will require essential works to ensure we can continue to maintain a respectful and beautiful resting place for our families.

We understand the importance of honouring and celebrating the life of a loved one, and thank our families and communities for their patience and understanding during this time.

Please refer to this web page for the most up to date information on the progress of this project.

Should you have any further queries regarding these essential and temporary works, please contact the SMCT Customer Support Team on (03) 9788 9488 or via email at

Please note: The precise commencement of remediation works is dependent on weather and grounds conditions, however rest assured we will keep you informed of progress at every step of the way.

Lake edge remediation works: anticipated from August to December 2023

Weather and other conditions have significantly affected the grounds around the Genesis Lake area at Bunurong Memorial Park. In some places, conditions have affected the lake edge and have the potential to damage memorials or other infrastructure.

To ensure we can continue to maintain a respectful and beautiful resting place for our families, we will be undertaking major essential works to remediate the Genesis Lake area.

Timing and scope of Genesis Lake works

Works will require Genesis Lake to be temporarily drained so workers can safely remediate the lake edge. Safety fencing, screening and signage will be in place during this time. Access to the area immediately surrounding the Lake will be restricted.

The works schedule will be dependent on weather and grounds conditions. However, rest assured we will keep you informed of progress of the works at every step of the way. Works are anticipated to be completed in December 2023. For updates and information on the works and progress, including this next phase of works, please refer to this web page.

As works progress, some memorial positions may be identified as potentially at risk and will need to be temporarily moved for safe keeping. We will be in direct contact with any families (Holders of Rights) who may be impacted where possible.

If you have a preference for how we can best stay in touch, please call our SMCT Customer Support Team on (03) 9788 9488 or email to let us know.

Progress of works: August update

Works to date have included lowering the level of the lake and removing some trees and bushes in the vicinity.

A small number of memorial positions have been temporarily relocated as a precaution for safekeeping, and impacted families (Holders of Rights) have been contacted directly where possible.

Any mementos temporarily moved as part of the relocation of memorials are available for collection from Bunurong Memorial Park reception.

Broader works have commenced, with contractors on site to construct safety fencing.

Progress of works: September update

Lowered temporary fencing has been installed to ensure a safe working environment for this next crucial phase of works.

Construction noise and traffic impacts will be minimised where possible, however some parking restrictions and traffic management will also be in place throughout the works period.

The lake will be drained to provide clear access to the lake edge for works. Invasive species will be removed as part of this process, and any native species safely relocated.

The temporary fencing follows the lake edge pathway, effectively closing the area bordering Genesis Lake. However, memorials inside the works area are still visible to families visiting the area.

Genesis Lake Fencline with notes

We apologise for the impact this next phase of work may have on families, and encourage you to contact us prior to your next visit to understand any access restrictions and how we may be able to support you.

If you are a Holder of Right in this area and have changed your contact details, please call our SMCT Customer Support Team on (03) 9788 9488 or email to let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time as we work to remediate this beautiful area of our grounds.

Public notice of works

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