You never know how it is going to feel until it happens to you

03 February 2022
Pam's story - Bunurong Memorial Park

Video testimonial: Pam's experience

I handed Kim (Bunurong Memorial Park's Senior Receptionist) the decorative envelope on my return from meeting with Pam. Inside the envelope was a beautiful handwritten anniversary card for Kim. It is moments like these that demonstrate the role our cemeteries and memorial parks play in our customer's lives. The relationships we form over time with customers are more like those of extended family members.

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with Pam. To hear her story and gain a glimpse into her life and journey since losing Rolland, or 'Rolly' as Pam would say. She is a beautiful, strong woman with a great sense of humour and quick wit. While we had a great conversation, it was evident how painful and lonely her journey of losing Rolly had been.

Pam shared her appreciation for the support her children had shown her throughout this time. They had been there at every step - together making decisions about how to best honour their dad. The decision to place Rolly at Bunurong Memorial Park was a difficult one. However, Pam knew that he would have just wanted what was best for her, like he always did. A cremation memorial within the peaceful 'Seasons' precinct was their perfect place, with Pam proudly showing me her place adjacent to his.

The one consistency with our customers is that they all experience grief differently. There is no right way to feel. And, their journey towards their new reality is a profoundly personal one. For Pam, it was important to have a place for her to visit.

"You never know how it is going to feel until it happens to you." Pam

I would like to sincerely thank Pam for her vulnerability and courage in sharing this very personal story with us.

Day of filming - Pam with Mark (SMCT Marketing)
Day of filming - Pam with Mark (SMCT Marketing)

If you need support, we are here to help. We encourage you to visit for a list of bereavement counselling and support organisations or to take a look at the resources offered through our Centre for Care & Wellbeing.

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