Song He Xin Yuan 2019 Opening

19 May 2019
Song He Xin Yuan 2019 Opening

On Sunday 19 May we officially opened our new Feng Shui designed area Song He Xin Yuan and welcomed over 150 community members including international delegates from China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Brazil, Bolivia and the USA to Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

During the opening ceremony the five (5) Buddhist monk statues were unveiled – a very generous gifted by the Fu Shou Yuan Group in recognition of our shared values of honouring and celebrating life. The five monks represent the stages of life, and gaining of wisdom and experience during each stage. Following this unveiling the area was officially opened by three ceremonial ‘gongs’ of the bell as community members were then invited to join together in sharing in delicious food, a tour of our facilities and participate in various cultural activities

Song He Xin Yuan provides a very unique set of choices for the members of the Victorian Chinese community, where the community can continue their traditions and ceremonies to honour and pay their respect to elders, parents and ancestors.

The development of this precinct has been a community partnership from the beginning as local leaders and government supported creating our vision for this area.

We would like to say a sincere thank you to the wonderful and dedicated architectures, builders, project and infrastructure teams and many others at SMCT who worked together in creating this truly unique area continue to meet the needs of the many diverse Chinese Victorian communities.

If you would like to arrange a personal tour, call us on 1300 466 904 – our Customer Care team will be honoured to help

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