Our special online Children’s Christmas Remembrance Service

09 December 2020
Our special online Children’s Christmas Remembrance Service

We were delighted to join with our community online on Sunday 3 December for the live sharing of our Children’s Christmas Remembrance Online Service in partnership with Allison Monkhouse.

With over 65 households tuning into the live sharing of the service it was a wonderful way to pause for a moment, reflect and honour the festive season together.

For some, this service has been an annual tradition to attend each year in honour of their precious children, and for other’s, this may be your first time. We are honoured to co-host this special annual service for you and hope that it allows you to honour and celebrate the lives of your children, while also providing support, connection, and comfort to one another.

During the service, celebrant Veronica Lees-Amato shared a heartfelt message as she acknowledged that there are no words that can be said to ease the pain of losing a child as she shared her own touching story.

We also took a moment to reflect on our ‘Eternal Light’ star, purchased in recognition of all the special babies and children who we remember every year at our annual children’s Christmas Remembrance Service and has been a tradition since the first service in 1985.

This ‘Eternal Light’ Star is a symbol of constant and eternal love, comfort and joy. This star shines brilliantly in our night sky today, tomorrow, year after year and for all future generations to come. May this star shine brightly always, to remind and re-assure you, that in your own unique journey through grief – that you are not alone.

If you have a personal message that you would like to place on our Christmas tree, we welcome you to visit Café Vita et flores at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. We invite you to hang your star on the tree as a poignant reminder that although we are physically distant, we are still in this together.

Thank you again to Kevin Reardon, Siobhan Farley and the team at Allison Monkhouse Funerals for being our trusted partner for this special event and on behalf of all of us, we wish you a safe and happy Christmas.

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