Eternal Light - for all of the special babies and children we remember together

08 November 2019
“Eternal Light” real star scroll

“Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.” – Terri Guillemets

“Eternal Light” is a real star that we purchased in recognition of all the special babies and children who we remember together at our annual Children’s Christmas Remembrance Service.

This service is a very special community event, initially held in 2005 on the first Sunday in December, and has continued each year since at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. The service not only allows families to honour and celebrate the lives of children but also gives our community time to support, connect and comfort each other.

This Star was obtained from the International Star Registry and named “Eternal Light” by the team here at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, the constellation and the coordinates of the star are notated on the certificates of record. The original certificate of record was framed and copies of the certificate of record, as well as a personalised astronomical chart that pinpoints the actual star, are gifted to families at the service.

This ‘Eternal Light’ Star is a symbol of love, of care and hope. It represents our eternal relationships; that give us joy and comfort. Named in honour of the babies and children we remember during our Christmas Remembrance service and every day in-between; this Star will be constant and eternal - in the night sky today, tomorrow, and many years and future generations to come.

May this star shine brightly and bring you great comfort, and assure you that in your journey through grief, . . . you are not alone.

To find out more or to RSVP for this year's Children’s Remembrance Service find more details on our event page here.

For those who may wish to connect with others on a more regular basis who are going through a similar journey, we encourage you to visit us at the Centre for Care & Wellbeing. You can also contact us on (03) 8772 6111. This is a safe place where grieving individuals can connect, share their common bond and support each other compassionately.

International Star Registry “Eternal Light”
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