All Souls Mausoleum – Crypt Options and Pricing

All Souls Mausoleum – Crypt Options and Pricing

All Souls crypt options

The mausoleum has a simple cross layout with crypts four high broken down into sections surrounding a central campanile (bell tower) and decorative floor mosaic medallion. The expansive open plan provides numerous options, with an initial 364 total interments available. These include single, true companion and pair crypts, as well as two columbarium (memorial) wall niches that give a boundary to each courtyard garden.

Single crypts provide room to house one individual casket with a single front shutter.

True companion crypts (also known as Tandem) accommodate two caskets positioned end-to-end; however, they only have a single crypt shutter, unlike double crypts.

Pair crypts (also known as Doubles) accommodate two caskets side-by-side with two separate front crypt shutters.

All Souls crypt pricing can be viewed here.

All prices above include crypt and memorialisation.

If you are interested in pre-purchasing mausoleum crypts from the plan, please contact our customer care team on (03) 8558 8278 to discuss the options available. Click here to view the All Souls Mausoleum 3D Tour.

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation reporting to the Department of Health. This structure ensures services are available for the whole community and the prices are government-approved and gazetted.

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Arrange an Appointment Today

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