All Souls Mausoleum – Architecture and Decorative Embellishments

All Souls Mausoleum – Architecture and Decorative Embellishments

Timeless design for all generations

Accommodating an initial 364 total interments, the mausoleum has a simple cross layout with crypts four high broken down into sections surrounding a central campanile (bell tower) and decorative floor mosaic medallion. The expansive open plan provides numerous options, including single, true companion and pair crypts, along with two columbarium (memorial) wall niches that give a boundary to each courtyard garden. You can find more information about the layout on our crypt options and pricing page, or discover more about the All Souls mausoleum's design narrative.

While many design elements have a deeply religious significance, the building celebrates the broader Italian culture in its materials, patination, and decoration. Materials used in the construction are of the highest quality and selected for their enduring and timeless character. The attention to detail is purposeful in creating a multi-generational sanctuary for families to honour and remember loved ones.

A porte-cochere (covered entry) off All Souls Avenue creates an impressive and practical entranceway into the new mausoleum - a sense of sanctity and arrival befitting the role All Souls will serve for families visiting.

Map of a section of Springvale Botanical Cemetery featuring the new All Souls Mausoleum

Eight-pointed star

The eight-pointed star signifies redemption, regeneration and new beginnings as described in Christian culture, and it is this symbol that takes centre stage as a magnificent feature of the white terrazzo and bluestone tile floors.

This marble floor medallion forms a geometric starting point from which the mausoleum's raised roof sections, skylights and patterned screens flow with harmony and a sense of balance.

All Souls will be a contemporary interpretation of a timeless mausoleum, filled with natural light to create a welcoming and comforting ambience. If you would like to speak with a member of our team about purchasing options, please contact Customer Care on 8558 8278 or email Click here to view the All Souls Mausoleum 3D Tour.

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Arrange an Appointment Today

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