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All Souls Day

All Souls Day 2021

All Souls Day

Reflection Space

Summit Rd & Hibbertia Rd at Springvale Botanical Cemetery

You can still visit our Reflection Space

Until this Sunday 14 November


Springvale Botanical Cemetery open hours: 6am – 8pm

All Souls Day Reflection Space

Thanks to your feedback and the positive reception of our All Souls Reflection Space, we have decided to extend the date of availability for another few days. If you missed out on the opportunity to visit us during our event or would like to come again, you are welcome to reflect and pay tribute at our special Reflection Space until this Sunday 14 November.

We also have a limited number of prayer cards still available for pick up from Customer Service, while we no longer have any candles left to give out, we invite you to take a prayer card and leave your handwritten tribute in the ‘nature hollow’ at our Reflection Space.

All Souls Day 2021

The story behind this year’s All Souls Day

We are pleased to work with Father Fragapane who has blessed our reflection space and will collect your prayer tributes to offer Mass and prayer for your loved ones. 

2021 All Souls Day Reflection Space

Creating a unique reflection space for you

This year, we are proud to announce the creation of an interactive reflection space for our community to commemorate All Souls Day.

Inspired by the beautiful nature at our grounds and the season of spring, our talented and dedicated team has created a unique space for you to rest, place your tributes and candles, and pray.

We are pleased to have utilised our focus on environment and community comfort to create this beautiful space to visit. This place of reflection has been designed for you to attend at a time most convenient for you and in a way that is safe.

All Souls Day Reflection Space
2021 All Souls Day Reflection Space

‘A moment of prayer not only brings relief to the souls of our loved ones, but also to us in our grief.’

Father Fragapane

How to pay tribute

We have a limited number of prayer cards still available for pick up from Customer Service.

Step 1.

Collect your complimentary prayer card from Customer Service.

Step 2.

Make your way to our dedicated All Souls memorial space where you are welcome to take a moment to rest, reflect or pray for your loved one.

Step 3.

We invite you to write a prayer message for your loved one which you can place in the specially designed ‘nature hollow’ on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that may help answer your questions. If your query does not appear below, please contact us.

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