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All Souls Day at Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

All Souls Day


Join us at one of our locations to honour All Souls Day this year

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Pay tribute to a loved one at one of our interactive reflection spaces

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All Souls Day 2022

Join us to honour and remember loved ones this All Souls Day.

From Saturday 29 October to Sunday 6 November 2022, you are invited to visit one of three, all new on-site reflection spaces. Honour the memory of a loved one by placing their image among the lights on our dedicated All Souls cross.

All Souls Day at Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

How to participate in the All Souls Reflection Space

Our All Souls Day spaces will be dedicated places for quiet reflection, located at Melbourne General Cemetery, Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Bunurong Memorial Park. Each will feature a tranquil display centered around a beautiful cross, adorned with lights.

If you wish, you can participate in our interactive display by adding a photo of your loved one. Here's how.

All Souls Day reflection space locations

Tips for choosing a photo

Please bring a hard-copy (printed) photo or image for the display. We also ask that the image you select is not the original version of the photo, as we will not be able to return it to you after the week has concluded.

If you don't have a printer at home, you can make a copy of your chosen photo at Officeworks or a local library. Where possible, printing or photocopying the photo on standard paper (instead of photo paper) can help make sure that it is able to be recycled after the event. Unfortunately, we cannot accept emailed or digital copies of photographs.

To fit into the provided frames, your photo will need to measure between 101mm and 125mm on the longer side, and between 50mm and 70mm on the shorter side. This is because the inside and outside dimensions of the frame are different. If your image is larger than 101mm x 50mm, please note that not all of it will be visible.

Longer sideAt least 101mm, but no more than 125mm
Shorter sideat least 50mm, but no more than 70mm

It can be either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal).

Portrait photo frame dimensions
Landscape photo frame dimensions

If you are unsure, you can bring your photo in its original size. Scissors will be provided at the collection points in case you need to trim your photo to fit the frame.

Why are we using cardboard frames?

This year, we aim to create a reflection space that is beautiful and sustainable. We have selected recyclable materials for the collection stands and photo frames to ensure that as much of the display can be recycled or repurposed as possible after the conclusion of the event. You can assist us in our goal by printing a copy of your photograph rather than supplying an original, which cannot be recycled and instead would be placed in landfill.

Digital Tribute

If you are unable to visit our sites over the festive period, we welcome you to leave a digital tribute. Tributes can be made here and will be active until Nov 7.

Simply fill in the form below by typing in the name of your loved one, you may also choose to include a personal message. Please note that all messages must be 250 characters or less.

Submitted tributes will go live on our website immediately, so please be respectful. We are monitoring this space, and any inappropriate posts will be removed. The arrow on the right will help you quickly locate your tribute. If you have any concerns please contact

Honouring All Souls Day at SMCT

Find out more about how our community came together to honour All Souls Day in previous years below. If you have any questions about our events, get in touch.

All Souls Day 2021 Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below that may help answer your questions. If your query does not appear below, please contact us.

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