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World Photography Day – take a tour of SMCT through photos

18 August 2020

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


A picture tells a thousand words. At SMCT, we have so many beautiful areas across our many locations that have shared so many beautiful moments with our community. We wanted to highlight some of the areas that you may not know about.

Here are some beautiful images from around SMCT and a little bit about the area they invite you to explore, vicariously through a snapshot in time.

Song He Xin Yuan - Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s magnificent Song He Yuan is a specialist Feng Shui designed Asian cemetery catering for Asian style burial and interment of ashes.

This is Song He Xin Yuan, the next phase of Song He Yuan, honouring the lives of members of the Victorian Chinese communities and making this Asian cemetery, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Gardens - Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Springvale Botanical Cemetery is widely regarded as Australia’s most beautiful cemetery, with 169 hectares (422 acres) of landscaped gardens. Throughout the gardens there are many beautiful places to sit and enjoy quiet moments of reflection.

The Crossing - Bunurong Memorial Park

The Crossing is a stunning contemporary pedestrian bridge spanning the tranquil waters of Lake Australis, forming the gateway to The Sanctuary Reflection Space.

The Crossing is ideal for those who appreciate the calmness of water and are looking for a serene place to pause and reflect on the lives of loved ones.

Bunurong Memorial Park

At our beautiful Bunurong Memorial Park, we have an area dedicated to clouds. The three sections are called Cumulus, Stratus and Cirrus and provide a wonderful spot for reflection.

Autumn leaves

When visiting one of the many locations of SMCT, make sure to look up. We have so many beautiful trees and especially in the autumn and winter months you’ll get to see some incredible colours up there.

Sculptures - Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Next time you visit Springvale Botanical Cemetery, go on a search for our hidden sculpture. It’s located in one of Springvale’s older gardens and it’s a treat to spot it in amongst the gardens.

Indigenous gum - Bunurong Memorial Park

Did you know it’s also important to keep old hollowed trees and stumps in the ground as they are often home to a wonderful ecosystem of wildlife?

Our 200-year-old indigenous gum tree is one of many in the Bangholme area and is home to many specifics of lizards, spiders, and birds. The multiple hollows in the tree mean birds can escape predators with many different species also using the tree for nesting.

Monks at Song He Xin Yuan - Springvale Botanical Cemetery

These monks are at the entrance to Song He Xin Yuan and they represent the stages of life, and gaining of wisdom and experience during each stage. One of the key features is the placement of the series of the five bronze Buddhist monk statues, which were generously gifted by the Fu Shou Yuan Group in recognition of our shared values of honouring and celebrating life.

Garden bench

At all of our SMCT locations, you’ll find benches placed amongst the gardens. Take a moment to pause and reflect in these beautiful natural settings. Enjoying time with loved ones and celebrating and honouring the lives of those we love.

Birds-eye view- Springvale Botanical Cemetery

This is a view that not many people would have of Springvale Botanical Cemetery. Whether you’re on foot or getting the birds-eye view, it’s a beautiful place to spend time with plenty of areas to explore.

We love seeing your images from around SMCT. Please do share them to our social media channels or email us to share a special moment in the grounds. These are the moments we all treasure, and the photos help us revisit and relive them for a lifetime.