Tis the season of giving

22 November 2021
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During this season of giving, we are proud to continue the tradition of giving back to those who need it most. Lead by Vicki Ferguson, Senior Accounts Receivable Officer at SMCT, this year we are raising funds for BK2Basics, a non-profit organisation providing meals and essentials to homeless Victorians and struggling families. We took a moment to chat to Vicki about fundraising goals for this year and learn all about how this inspiring tradition began.

In the beginning

‘It all started around 10 years ago, around the time that the Springvale Necropolis and CRCT amalgamated and became SMCT as we know it. I got together with a few work colleagues and we collected toys for the Kmart wishing tree, and that got everything started,’ Vicki says.

Since then, this small initiative has grown over the years, and now an annual fundraiser around the holidays has become a tradition for the organisation.

‘It’s been a great success,’ Vicki says. ‘Over the years we have chosen various charities to support, from Adopt a Family, Windermere, Smith Family, and BK2Basics.’

Going 'Back 2 Basics'

This year we have chosen to raise funds for BK2Basics, a non-profit organisation founded by Kelly Warren and her husband Craig. BK2Basics provides healthy, home-cooked meals to the homeless and to struggling families. Working together with local community partners, this organisation delivers warm meals to those that need them most.

‘I first came across BK2Basics a few years ago when they were running a Bunnings sausage sizzle. The pure and genuine empathy and care they demonstrated left an impression,’ Vicki shares.

‘This modest family would find housing for families in crisis, feed the homeless in the city, supply food to families who would otherwise go hungry and this was all done from their own home.’

In the past year and a half BK2Basics have expanded their operations with the support of food donations from local business and volunteers to run a community pantry where those in need can come and collect both perishables and non-perishable foods.

Making a difference together

Last year through fundraising and a silent auction, we raised more than $1,000 and provided generous food and toy donations. This year, we hope to see even more positive results.

‘This year has been particularly hard. There seem to be more families who need assistance and that means more children who will go without,’ Vicki says.

As our community and economy feel the effects of the pandemic, we also know that many in-demand items may become a scarcer commodity.

‘We need toys! Lots of toys and personal hygiene. Non-perishable foods would also be greatly appreciated.’ Vicki says.

In terms of goals for 2021, Vicki shared with us that BK2Basics still needs our support in reaching their goal of purchasing a food truck.
‘BK2basics are in the process of raising funds to purchase a Community Food Truck which would enable them to feed and help more people in the community,’ Vicki says.

‘The positive impact that this truck would have on the community who are most vulnerable is enormous.’

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Giving from what we love

With Vicki at the lead, this fundraiser is run annually at SMCT around the holiday season, and Vicki shares that this is a tradition close to her heart.

‘When my children stopped believing in the guy in the red suit, we decided that they could choose to purchase a gift to donate to an underprivileged child instead of receiving their Christmas stocking,’ she explains. ‘They have grown up and I continued to purchase gifts to donate each year.’

With the holiday season reminding us to cherish the small things in our life, this fundraiser has grown into a staple at SMCT.

‘I often have people express their appreciation to me for arranging this initiative,’ she shares. ‘At this time of the year, people become time poor and knowing that they can drop their donations off at work and it will be taken to a worthy charity makes it easier for everyone to do their bit.’

‘Just knowing that you have made someone’s day just a tiny bit brighter is enough for me,’ Vicki says.

Be the first to get our 2021 fundraising efforts off to start by vising our SMCT fundraising page.

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