Staying active and connected with our CCW community

28 January 2021
CCW community walking group

In December we were delighted to welcome back our Centre for Care & Wellbeing (CCW) community to our grounds - this time, with an emphasis on the outdoors. ‘Walking groups’ are a CCW offering that allow groups to get much needed face-to-face time while remaining in the safety of the outdoors. It is also a great way to enjoy our magnificent gardens.

Our walking groups have been out exploring the gardens in rain and shine and enjoying the company of others over coffee at Café Vita et flores. It’s a small yet mighty step forward in reconnecting with our CCW community.

It’s these small steps that help each of us ease into a new routine, to connect again and venture out of our comfort zone without it being overwhelming. Think one step at a time, slow and steady, and with consistency you’ll achieve greater results. Whether you walk alone, with friends or in an arranged group, it all helps. So, get out into nature, breath in fresh air and give your body some energy this summer, even 15 minutes can be greatly beneficial.

Even though the weather hasn’t always been on their side, our CCW walking group have welcomed each opportunity to explore the magnificent gardens admiring trees, flowers, birds, lots of ducklings and beautiful water features.

We are so fortunate to have many beautiful locations across Melbourne to walk in. Our memorial parks boast beautiful parklands and landscaped gardens carefully cared for by our teams offering lovely settings for quiet moments of reflection. Spending time outside amongst nature with family and friends can do wonders in helping us feel grounded and more connected with others.

To find out more and book in for our social walking groups we encourage you to phone the Centre for Care & Wellbeing on 8772 6111 or email

You can also enjoy a short video from our December walks here.

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