Providing relevant and considered support services

12 December 2019

Set within the peaceful gardens of Springvale Botanical Cemetery, the Centre for Care & Wellbeing (CCW) offers companionship following the loss of a loved one and assists people throughout their journey of grief and mourning.

The CCW is a service offered by Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, providing relevant and considered support services. The development of this service was influenced by the ground-breaking work of renowned grief expert, Dr Alan Wolfelt.

Although everyone will grieve and mourn differently, our vast experience and research have taught us much about the grieving process. While we do not profess to ease the grieving process, the CCW is here for each and every person at a time when they need us most, providing care anchored in compassion. The CCW provides relevant and considered support services for families and individuals, designed to help transition those who have lost a loved one, into their new reality.

The CCW is also proud to partner with the Grief Australia to offer bereaved visitors a wide range of care and support services. The CCW will refer visitors to Grief Australia for individual counselling and group support as required. Grief Australia also refers individuals to the CCW for group sessions and a place where they can meet others who are going through a similar experience.

We work closely with Grief Australia in providing bereavement support programs at the CCW, including the facilitation of our group grief support session that focuses on the different stages of grief.

We are proud of the community that the Centre of Care & Wellbeing has established in providing our visitors with compassion and care that transcends beyond the initial period of grief and into the period of mourning, regardless of how long that may take.

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