Inspiring those around you: appreciating Sue Webling’s work

18 December 2023
Woman standing in front of Buckingham Palace
Sue outside Buckingham Palace on her trip to England.

With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, and a wealth of inspiration under her belt, Customer Care Team Leader Sue Webling is the very worthy recipient of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust’s (SMCT) 2023 Inspiring Others Award.

Sue’s time at SMCT has seen her progress from working in back of house and bookings, starting a family, all the way to becoming a team leader for our Customer Care Team for multi-sites. This gives her significant knowledge and appreciation of diverse sites such as Melbourne General Cemetery, St Kilda Cemetery and Cheltenham Memorial Park.

Her position as our multi-sites Customer Care Team Leader means Sue spends her days guiding our customer consultants who work across many sites. A day in Sue’s work life can see her travel from Cheltenham Memorial Park to Melbourne General Cemetery, and back again, to support her small, but hard working and versatile team.

“What people might not know is that as a team we multi-task a lot. We're not a sales team, we’re not delivery and solutions. We’re not the contact centre. We're all of them. We work through every step of the process.”

As well as receiving the Inspiring Others Award, Sue also received a pin to celebrate her 25 years of service at SMCT. Reflecting on her time and service achievement, Sue is overtly pleased with the recognition.

“I’m quite proud to wear my service pin and I don’t want to work anywhere else.”

Setting an example

Inspiring those around you is more than just working hard. To Sue, it’s all about setting an example, showing people that you can do what you set your mind to. Sue’s leadership style and efforts to foster a warm and supportive culture are some of her key attributes recognised by her colleagues.

When Sue came back to SMCT after starting a family, she worked at Melbourne General Cemetery as a Customer Care Consultant for over 14 years. She then moved to consultancy at Cheltenham Memorial Park for 12 years, before being seconded to the team leader role. Despite initially viewing the role only as a secondment, Sue grew to love the position and when the opportunity came up successfully applied for the role.

This experience and progression gives her some of the skills she needs to support and inspire her team. Sue believes that because of her time working as a consultant, her team knows that she can step in at any time and assist them.

When considering the capability and how to inspire others, Sue acknowledges the importance of positivity within the workplace.

“I need to be positive to everyone to inspire people. I need all those qualities to inspire people.”

She also commends her team around her; both for the hard work they put in and for what they’ve taught her.

“My other leaders and managers have taught me how to be a good leader. My team constantly teaches me to accept everyone for who they are, and how to use my mobile phone!”

Celebrating differently

Sue is incredibly grateful to have been nominated for and received the 2023 Inspiring Others Award, despite being on the other side of the world when it was announced.

While spending time in England, Sue was surprised to receive a phone call from her leader. This was her reaction after seeing a video of the announcement of her award sent to her.

“I was sitting on the train all by myself and I had a little tear in my eye. I was very proud and just so thrilled.”

Despite being away from work Sue’s dedication and passion for what she does, and the people she works with gives her the drive to inspire others, radiating positivity and happiness. She believes if you’re happy with your work and your life, you can achieve anything.

Inspiring more than just her team

Sue’s pride for winning the 2023 Inspiring Others Award extends to more than just her team and leaders.

“I would like to think the people that I most inspire are my two daughters.”

Four women wearing matching tracksuits in front of an airport departure board.
Sue, her two daughters, and her niece wearing matching tracksuits at Melbourne Airport.

Despite being what she calls an ‘empty nester’ and living on her own, Sue remains incredibly close with her two adult daughters, as well as her niece and nephew taking on a mothering role after her sister passed away. From dressing in matching tracksuits on family holidays and sharing countless laughs, Sue’s personal aim is to be an inspiration to her children. We think you’ve done just that Sue.

At SMCT, we take pride in recognising and celebrating the exceptional individuals and teams who play a vital role in our organisation's success. These awards honour the remarkable achievements of our team members who consistently go the extra mile, positively impacting our organisation and the communities we serve.

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