Finding closure through reconnection with loved ones

22 June 2017
Finding closure through reconnection with loved ones

In this touching, soul-bearing TED talk, Elizabeth Lesser describes the life-affirming and healing process of putting aside pride and our defences to make way for truth-telling and taking the courageous first step toward others. Her story shows how closure can come out of unexpected and unusual avenues if we can be brave enough to bear our souls and reconnect with loved ones.

Watch Elizabeth Lesser’s moving talk on, ‘Say your truths and seek them in others.’

We’re all about positive thinking and living a positive life. That’s why we’ve created places and spaces to give people the chance to do that, either whilst walking within one of our beautiful, historical or botanical grounds, sitting at one of our Café Vita et flores venues, or finding grief support at the Centre for Care & Wellbeing.

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