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Song He Yuan Asian Cemetery

"The bridges reminded Father of home."

The perfect place to celebrate life

Choosing a final resting place that reflects cultural and personal preferences can provide wonderful peace of mind.

To help families through these unprecedented times, we have recently introduced three (3) year payment terms. To find out more about available finance options, please contact our customer care team today on (03) 8558 8278.

New 3 year payment terms

We are a not-for-profit community cemetery, offering personalised services to meet the individual needs and wishes of each family.

We have several individual and family options available. To find out more, contact our customer care team who can walk you through the best options available for you and your family.

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Feng Shui Inspired Design

At Springvale Botanical Cemetery, we have great respect and understanding of the Buddhist community, and we are proud to have created the beautifully decorated Song He Yuan on qi gathering land within our grounds.

Designed under Feng Shui principles on a westward facing slope, the site was carefully chosen under the guidance of Feng Shui Master, James Yao Wen Zheng, who also provided much advice on the cemetery design and landscaping.

Feng Shui Inspired Design

Di Zhang Wang Temple and Buddha

Positioned at the top of the hill the working Di Zhang Wang Temple with its full-size Buddha overlooks the sloping landscape. Song He Yuan also features the Dragon’s Head on the top of the water feature, a statue of Guan Yin, imported from Fuzhou, statues of Amitabah and Dasezi and a number of pagodas, traditional water features, bridges and gardens.

Di Zhang Wang Temple with its full-size Buddha

Asian Inspired Function Menus

Our functions team are always on hand to help you decide on the best catering option to suit your gathering. We offer a variety of Asian inspired menus and can accommodate family requests to create something truly unique for your guests. Our aim is for you to feel a connection with our food.

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Asian Inspired Menus

Song He Yuan Buddhist Cemetery

When Feng Shui Master, James Yao Wen Zheng first surveyed Springvale Botanical Cemetery, he unexpectedly found a large block of land due to the west of the cemetery to be precisely at the settlement of the Dandenong Mountains.

He explained, “Down the settlement is a natural stream stopping the qi of the land, and hence pingyang channel is formed. The soil is fine but solid, moist but not flooded. It is rare and one of the best pieces of qi gathering land. I thereby formed an indissoluble bond with this land.”

Exclusive Burial Options

Song He Yuan

Cremation Memorial Options

Song He Yuan
Song He Yuan

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