St. Michael The Archangel Mausoleum


St. Michael The Archangel Mausoleum

Named in honour of the beloved St. Michael the Archangel, this stunning, light-filled mausoleum is a beautiful sanctuary to celebrate life and was designed to meet the Italian community's heritage and needs.

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Constructed from the highest quality materials this beautiful mausoleum in the heart of Carlton features a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel.

There are many advantages to choosing a crypt within St. Michael the Archangel Mausoleum. With no additional costs, family members can enjoy an intimate space preserved in perpetuity for remembrance. Crypts are available in a range of configurations such as Singles, Pairs and True Companion so that family members can reside together.

Each of our mausoleums has been designed to create a contemplative space, where the quality of finishes provides a high level of comfort for visitors. If you are looking for a mausoleum within the culturally significant Melbourne General Cemetery that descendants can visit for generations to come, our crypt options are available now for pre-purchase.

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At such a difficult time, often there is a lot to consider, and the process of organising a position within our mausoleum may seem complicated. We are a not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisation, committed to providing choice, flexibility and the most considered support services for you at your time of need. We offer a range of above ground interment packages that help simplify the steps required, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our customer care team can walk you through options available, to help you make the experience of honouring your loved one as meaningful as possible.

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