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The Rock Position provides an alternative to a traditional rose tribute and is a unique way for families to stay together. A Rock in Garden setting provides for multiple plaques with granite positioned around a rock in a landscaped garden. Rock Position memorials offer a long-lasting form of commemoration and are available across the many gardens of each of our cemeteries. A unique way for families to remember loved ones, nameplates or plaques can be fitted to the rock bearing the family name.

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From experience, we are aware that some families will create a memorial, even if the actual cremated remains are somewhere else. This is often the case when death has occurred overseas, or the deceased has a specific wish to be scattered elsewhere. In circumstances such as these, the creation of a permanent memorial provides you with a place to visit and remember.

The Walls of Reflection provide free for three months, a peaceful place to reflect while options are being considered.

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The Walls of Reflection provide free for three months, a peaceful place to reflect while options are being considered.

Bunurong Memorial Park

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Banjo’s Garden Rock Position

Banjo’s Garden is a unique native coastal garden prominently located within the heart of the Southern Aurora Centre and provides unique options for the placement of ashes. Distinctive natural rocks of various sizes have been carefully positioned within the coastal-inspired garden and are complemented by striking stainless steel totems with glass plaques. Banjo’s Garden provides for those who are looking for artistic licence in creating a very individual form of remembrance.

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Banjo’s Garden Rock Position

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At such a difficult time, often there is a lot to consider, and the process of organising a cremation memorial may seem complicated. We are a not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisation, committed to providing choice, flexibility and the most considered support services for you at your time of need. We offer a range of cremation packages that help simplify the steps required, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our customer care team can walk you through options available, to help you make the experience of honouring your loved one as meaningful as possible.

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