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Embrace Earth urn - Small


This urn is part of the Environmentally Friendly Urns collection. These urns are designed from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, and are suitable for loved ones wanting a biodegradable option.

Return ashes to the earth in a more responsible and gentle manner. This sustainable, handcrafted box-shaped urn is designed for scattering, earth burials or temporary storage of a loved one's ashes. It is made from natural hemp and features a simple handmade paper lid with a floral design.

No trees are cut down to produce these eco-friendly, biodegradable urns. Instead, the bark of the mulberry tree is collected using an ancient technique that allows it to be harvested without causing harm, so that the tree can continue to thrive and grow.

This urn will fully biodegrade when placed into the earth and comes with a water-soluble bag to contain ashes inside of the urn.

The urn is accessed via a removable lid at the top.

Please make an appointment to visit our Springvale or Bunurong showrooms to view these in person and discuss your options with our team. Appointments can be made via phone, email or on-site at our reception.

At the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, we care for you and your loved one, in life and death. As part of your memorial urn or keepsake jewellery purchase, we will place your loved one’s ashes into your memorial urn or keepsake jewellery for you at no additional cost.

Embrace Earth urn - Large

• Price: $140

• Material: Biodegradable hemp and mulberry bark

• Size: Small

• Capacity: 0.6L

• Dimensions: 10.8L x 10.8W x 6.4Hcm

• Top opening with removable lid

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Take home

Embrace Earth urn - Large

$240 - The Embrace Earth Urn is a natural and sustainable option, ideal for adult ashes.

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The Walls of Reflection provide free for three months, a peaceful place to reflect while options are being considered.

Take the time you need

The Walls of Reflection provide free for three months, a peaceful place to reflect while options are being considered.

We are here to help

At such a difficult time, often there is a lot to consider, and the process of organising a cremation memorial may seem complicated. We are a not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisation, committed to providing choice, flexibility and the most considered support services for you at your time of need. We offer a range of cremation packages that help simplify the steps required, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our customer care team can walk you through options available, to help you make the experience of honouring your loved one as meaningful as possible.

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