Crematorium Viewing Rooms - Bunurong Memorial Park

Should you choose witness cremation as part of your journey to saying goodbye, the facility offers family and friends an intimate and peaceful space to reflect upon the life of your loved one.

Each viewing room can accommodate twenty family members and friends. Whilst more than twenty people can attend a witness cremation, we recommend restricting numbers to avoid the feeling of overcrowding.

As witness cremations require specific documentation and operational considerations, your funeral director can guide you and stay with you to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. This is important as twenty minutes is allocated per viewing from beginning to end.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery - Viewing Room

Consumption of food and beverages is not permitted within the viewing room or crematorium premises, although consumption of water is acceptable.

If you wish to extend your final goodbyes, our cafe and function rooms are available.

As part of fulfilling our promise to meet our families’ needs and expectations, we are pleased to provide this unique service so you can honour the life of your loved one as you choose.

Bunurong Memorial Park - Viewing Room
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