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Navigating Grief - Bunurong

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Grief and loss can be an overwhelming experience. You may feel disorientated, alone and confused about your future. These feelings are normal and often associated with embarking on a life without your significant person.

The ‘navigating grief’ sessions aim to provide you with an understanding of the complexities experienced when having to ‘re-learn’ the world again. These sessions invite gentle conversations and are aimed to equip you with a better understanding on how to cope with grief.

The sessions aim to demystify grief and the expectations people hold of themselves during mourning. These sessions will discuss the emotional, physical, and spiritual ways we can help to support ourselves during times of despair and sorrow.

A specialist grief practitioner from Grief Australia will be leading the group.

**Please note that these sessions are psychoeducational and that this is not a therapeutic group.**

Bookings essential

Sessions are limited to 15. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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