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Song He Xin Yuan

Honouring Life

Supporting you in a challenging time

When a family member or close friend has passed away, it can be very difficult to know what to do. Our team can help you understand your options and make the best - and right - decision for you and the one who has passed.

Select from the tranquil, garden-style setting of Song He Yuan, the contemporary, architecturally-inspired New Song He Yuan or Lotus Garden's seamless and gentle immersion into nature. Our team can guide you on options for burial services, cremations or other memorials. For more information, select from the below.

Choose from three peaceful, elegant and premium locations

Springvale Botanical Cemetery features three beautiful locations for rest that have been designed with our community in mind. Song He Yuan is a picturesque Chinese garden setting designed under Feng Shui principles. New Song He Yuan takes a prestigious, contemporary approach, with majestic architecture and modern lines. And finally, Lotus Garden is a peaceful space where each resting place is immersed in nature, set alongside tranquil water.

Song He Yuan

With blossoms, grassy hills and botanicals reminiscent of home, Song He Yuan is a beautiful, contemplative place to reflect and remember. Ideal for individuals, families or couples, this setting features a limited number of prestigious family positions, along with many options for burial and cremation memorial.

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New Song He Yuan

New Song He Yuan provides a prestigious resting place, characterised by architecturally-inspired design and contemporary cultural references.

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Lotus Garden

Lotus Garden is a place of calm contemplation, where prestigious monumental graves are seamlessly complemented by a backdrop of vibrant green. With lush grass and tranquil water, this beautiful, exclusive setting is suitable for individuals, couples or small families wishing to rest close to nature.

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Other special areas

From our dedicated children's areas to natural burial options and waterfront memorials, our sites offer a variety of options for the community. Find out more about other special areas at Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Bunurong Memorial Park here.

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A view of The Crossing at Bunurong Memorial Park, a unique lakeside memorial setting

Map and directions

Song He Yuan, New Song He Yuan and Lotus Garden can be found on the map below.

For directions to each location via Google Maps, select the appropriate icon and click the arrow icon in the new window that opens up.

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Café Vita et flores

Our café team provides seasonal breakfasts, lunches, snacks and beverages, while our florists are on hand to create a beautiful floral arrangement for you or a loved one.

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Customer Service Centre

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Song He Yuan icon

Song He Yuan

Features blossoms, grassy hills and botanicals reminiscent of home - a beautiful, contemplative place to reflect and remember.
New Song He Yuan icon

New Song He Yuan

A prestigious resting place featuring architecturally-inspired design and contemporary cultural references.
Lotus Garden icon

Lotus Garden

A place of calm contemplation, with prestigious monumental graves seamlessly complemented by a backdrop of vibrant green.

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About Springvale Botanical Cemetery

The world-class Springvale Botanical Cemetery is widely regarded as Australia’s most beautiful cemetery, with 169 hectares (422 acres) of landscaped gardens. Established in 1901, Springvale Botanical Cemetery has continued to offer generations a peaceful and private setting to celebrate the life of loved ones.

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Springvale Botanical Cemetery
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