When Someone Dies

26 March 2019
Bunurong memorial Park - The Crossing - When Someone Dies
Bunurong memorial Park - The Crossing

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, we offer our sincere condolences and are here to help you. Dealing with loss can be overwhelming but we can guide you through the process.

To find out what to do next, please contact us.

Guidance through the first steps

Our family-focused Customer Care Consultants are on hand to help you and to respectfully guide you through the process at this difficult time.

We recognise and respect all personal, religious and cultural preferences and understand that you may have special requirements. We will do everything within our power to accommodate your requests.

We respect your right to pause, reflect and to make choices based on your personal needs. We understand that time is often needed to make important decisions that feel right for you and our compassionate team can help in a variety of ways. We welcome all calls and can walk you through options available to provide comfort and peace of mind at this difficult time.

Please contact one of our Customer Care Team members at a preferred location. If it helps, our teams are available to come to you.

Our dedicated team can help you in the following ways:

Determining whether prior arrangements have been made

You may wish to look for relevant documents, however, if papers can’t be located, we can search our database to see if arrangements have been made with us. If paperwork exists, we can help walk you through these and explain any areas that are unclear or need further clarification.

Helping you make decisions that feel right for you

In instances where prior arrangements have not been made (or wishes have not been expressed), we can provide you with information and explain options available so you can remember and honour them the way you know they would have chosen.

Helping you to find a funeral director

While we can help you with a cremation, burial or crypt location, your funeral director will arrange the service itself. We can provide you with a list of funeral directors who are registered with us and have a clear understanding of how to manage the most appropriate funeral service across each of our locations.

Booking a Reflection Space for the service

We have a number of beautiful reflection spaces and chapels across our Springvale and Bunurong locations, specifically designed to honour and celebrate the lives of loved ones. We can guide you to the most appropriate space to suit your needs.

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