Wander and Wonder – National Walking Day 2020

31 March 2020
Wander and Wonder – National Walking Day 2020

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

- J.R.R Tolkien

When was the last time you went for a wander? Just a stroll, a dawdle, a saunter? Not for exercise or to get from A to B, but a leisurely walk purely to wander and wonder?

It’s such a natural human activity that sometimes gets lost amongst our daily to-do list. Of course, we walk each day, but actively going out for a walk is different. Not a hike or a trek, but a casual walk to enjoy and take in the world around us.

National Walking Day is on 1 April 2020. It’s a day to remind people about the health benefits of taking a walk. Both for your body and your mind. We encourage you to wear or take your runners to work with you that day and at some point, head out for at least a 30-minute walk.

We are so fortunate at SMCT to have so many beautiful locations across Melbourne to walk in. It's one of the perks of working for this organisation, that we get to spend our time walking in these natural settings. They are places that all families and friends of loved ones that are no longer with us can get together and spend quality time. But of course, any member of the public is welcome to visit and walk amongst the grounds. Here's a little more about some of our locations:

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

On entering the gates at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, you are immediately transported into a sanctuary like no other. A highly landscaped natural wonderland complemented by chapels, modern reflection spaces, sculptures and water features designed for the changing needs of our diverse community.

Bunurong Memorial Park

A unique sanctuary designed to honour and celebrate life for all communities. Contemporary and distinctly Australian, Bunurong Memorial Park will change the way you have thought about memorial parks forever.

Cheltenham Memorial Park

Cheltenham Memorial Park is a community-focused cemetery, offering a private setting beneath the shade of its stately palms. With a range of gardens, it is the perfect location for reflecting on life.

Sorrento Community Cemetery

Sorrento Community Cemetery is located within the Mornington Peninsula and offers a relaxed and tranquil setting, with proximity to some of Melbourne's most beautiful beaches.

You might even be interested in our Social Walks. Run by The Centre for Care & Wellbeing, located within Springvale Botanical Cemetery, these 45-minute walks bring together like-minded people. Meet new people, enjoy time in nature and explore various parts of the beautiful botanic gardens.

Learn more about our Social Walks here.

Take this National Walking Day as an excuse to wander and wonder.

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