To those who need us most, we are here.

17 August 2020

The last few months have been difficult for everyone, but none more so than for our SMCT community, that has carried the pain of loss and grief during such a difficult time. During a time when being physically present is limited, we wanted to do our bit to connect with our community and to let them know they are always in our thoughts and in our heart.

Thinking of you

The experience of loss and grief is threaded into each of our personal stories. We feel this each day as people and as an organisation. We also share our own deeply felt story of loss as a collective. In 2018, we lost one of our very own, Nadine Slattery, a beloved member of SMCT. It is Nadine that inspired us to create the ‘Thinking of You’ initiative – a project that saw hundreds of handwritten cards with a beautiful motif designed in her honour, sent to those in our community feeling the strain of these times. Sometimes, a little message of love can make a big difference.

A picture tells a thousand words

Art has been used throughout history to express loss, love, and remembrance. The design depicts an arrangement of ‘Forget Me Not’ flowers, a humble but glorious spring flower that appears in frothy blue clouds - Nadine’s favourite. Discreetly embedded within the centre of the heart are the initials of Nadine and her two children.

The beautiful design was created by SMCT’s content creator, photographer and graphic artist, Mark Grier.

It’s the little things

A wise person once said that life is made up of a collection of little things, and every small moment counts. A smile, a song, a favourite scent – these are the things that colour our world and add meaning to each day.

This was the sentiment behind the initiative. To tell those we care about in the simplest of ways, that we are here for them and thinking of them always.

A time to reach out

Now is a time to think of others, to reach out, connect, and show you care. Creating a meaningful connection can be so simple - a little bit goes a long way, and sometimes all someone needs to hear is I am ‘thinking of you’.

So, whether you make a phone call, send a message, record a video or send a handwritten note, we hope you will join us in spreading the love and hope. As To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee said so well “some things should happen on soft pages.”

Please visit our COVID-19 update page for important information to help you understand what current restrictions mean when using our services. We also encourage all members of our community to participate in our online wellness videos created by our Centre for Care & Wellbeing team.

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