The happiness list

25 September 2017

If you were asked to write a list of the things in your life that bring you joy you could probably think of 100 things easily.

Now imagine you have to write this list, using only your eyelids, because they are the only part of your body that can move. Marie-Therese Khan did just that. Not only did Marie-Therese communicate using nothing but her eyelids, she managed to produce one of the most heartfelt odes to the joy of life that we have ever read.

Keep the tissues at the ready as you read about Marie-Therese Khan’s indomitable spirit and her list of the 100 things that made her happy as described in a Body and Soul article written by Beverley Hadgraft.

When you’ve had a chance to dry your eyes, perhaps you’d like to share what makes you happy below, or read the life-enriching 'A (bucket) list for life' blog for ideas to get you living a happy life.

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