Spotlight on Elise

27 February 2023
Elise and her family at an AFL game

Tell us about your role at SMCT

I look after both of our very busy call centres; bookings at Bunurong Memorial Park and the contact centre at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. I do a lot of talking (no surprises there)!

What’s your number one work-related goal this year?

The new Revolve project is going to really transform the way we can service our customers (both funeral directors and our families), so my number one priority will be to embrace the change and support my teams to do the same. I am equal parts nervous and excited about what the year will bring. Okay… maybe more excited, less nervous!

What is one thing that surprised you about working within the cemeteries industry?

Given I first entered SMCT solely as part of the bookings team, I was amazed to learn how many different departments are needed to support one customer booking: Funeral Services, Burials, Hospitality, Sales. The list goes on and on! Essentially, everyone plays a part to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

What advice would you share with new or future employees at SMCT?

Make sure you get out and about and see what other employees do in their day. I remember seeing my first coffin pushed into the cremators by the charging bier and it was totally not how I’d pictured it in my mind!

If you can, share one memorable interaction you have had with a customer or colleague during your time at SMCT.

I’ve had many memorable interactions, but I’ll always remember the day I made the entire bookings team do a SWAT at the crematorium on a 39 degree day. Everyone was very pleased to get back to the air-conditioned office and boy, do we respect our crematorium teams (and all of our outdoor teams that work out in the elements!).

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have a twin sister (and she’s the loud one!), I lived in Texas for a couple of years, and I love dress ups!

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