Meet Me at the Crossing

09 November 2021
SMCT Annual Report cover artwork by Charlotte Alldis
SMCT Annual Report cover artwork by Charlotte Alldis

Charlotte Alldis is an emerging Australian painter who graciously worked with SMCT on the cover artwork for this years' Annual Report. Charlotte dedicated the artwork to her grandma, Charlotte Patricia Alldis.

Below is a poem Charlotte wrote after her funeral and to accompany her paintings:

Meet Me at the Crossing
by Charlotte Alldis

Swooned by my reality,
my mind cannot comprehend
we live in infinite coexistence

Reaching winding longing twisting embraces
Limbs, hearts, wombs, tombs, yolks
Dark rainbows at midnight
Looking out at vast stormy seas,
A ghost dances across the surface in the moonlight
into spaces the eyes cannot see

Night sea, calling me
Suns light breaking the heaviness
Finding my way to you
Darkness swirling into the voids

To think that everything turns to dust
to then be repurposed, and new life moves forward
Seeds, flowers, flow.

Waving at you whilst smiling, tears rolling down my face
You're smiling back at me, I can hear you
Soothing me.
Until we meet again

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