Honouring our servicemen and women

23 October 2023
A photograph of war graves at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery, against a backdrop of lush green lawns and green foliage. Red poppies surround the graves in the foreground.

On Sunday 5 November, Springvale Botanical Cemetery will welcome the Returned and Services League (RSL) and guests, as we come together to honour those who have lost their lives in service of their country.

This year's remembrance event will be the 39th consecutive annual service, the latest in a proud tradition upheld by the RSL. It will pay tribute to those who have passed away, not just during the First World War, but in all conflicts throughout history. A number of SMCT Trust and Executive Leadership Team members will join the estimated 500 attendees, including Trust Chair Dr Vanda Fortunato, and CEO Laz Cotsios.

View the service online

This event has now concluded. You can view the recording below.

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