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20 December 2021
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‘The technology isn’t the end goal; the end goal is caring for the community and caring for each other.’

Known for his holiday spirit, tech know-how, and keen sense of humour, we took a moment to sit down with our resident Christmas Elf and Digital Channel Manager extraordinaire, Jake Corcoran, to learn about his SMCT journey and get the low-down on one of our most exciting, game-changing programs yet: Revolve.

The journey to SMCT

Four years ago, Jake found himself looking for higher purpose in his work, when he became aware of an opportunity at SMCT.

‘It was unexpected, but it made perfect sense to me. I came to Springvale Botanical Cemetery, saw the grounds and it was not at all what I expected, which I think is a common experience.’

‘I said to myself, “You know what, give this a go!” This organisation takes its values seriously in a way that I haven’t seen anywhere else.’

Since then, Jake has set up a digital team, helped redesign our website into the user-friendly interface we have today, and more recently, joined the Revolve leadership team.

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Creating meaningful digital experiences through Revolve

As the Digital Channel Manager at SMCT, Jake oversees and leads customer facing digital channels. ‘That’s my official title, but my real role is about connecting with people and empowering different parts of the business to achieve their goals when they intersect with digital channels,’ Jake told us.

Recently, Jake took a leading role in one of SMCT’s most exciting digital programs yet, Revolve, which involves replacing our existing Customer Relationship and Finance Management systems with modern cloud-based systems.

‘A simple way to put it is that we are replacing old systems with new systems that are better,’ Jake explained. ‘But it’s more than that. What this unlocks will allow us to innovate and transform how we as an organisation can deliver our services in a way we haven’t been able to before.

‘In a simple sense, it’s software replacement, and in another sense, it is true transformation. We are truly opening a path to the future.’

‘Revolve has the potential to positively impact everything that we do at SMCT, every service that we deliver, every way that we support customers and each other. If we do this right—and I’m confident that we will— we are going to see improvements and innovation across everything that we do.’

Working on Revolve

Through the process of revamping the website, Jake had the opportunity to meet people across the organisation and build connections and friendships that he is hoping to carry into to the Revolve program.

'A big part of my role is reaching out to people and encouraging them to participate when we have workshops or are gathering requirements,’ Jake said. ‘I hope to be one of the messengers of how exciting this is, and to help build even more enthusiasm for this program.

‘I want to convey how hard everyone has worked, especially the effort and detailed work from the project team that has set us up for great results.

‘We are shaping the future here at SMCT through the Revolve program and I really want everyone to be a part of that. I might be biased, but it is one of the most exciting things we are tackling at the moment and one of the things that will have the biggest long-term impact on the organisation and the families that we serve.'

What's next for Revolve?

The Revolve team has officially moved onto RFT (request for tender), and it looks to be a busy 2022 for the team.

‘Through the RFT process we went out to a list of potential vendors, and we received some innovative and considered responses to what we asked for.’ Jake explained.

Next, the team is moving into the 'solution exploration’ phase, where they will be working with vendors to build a prototype version to see the technology in action. As part of this, the team is creating a catalogue of technology features which involves documenting requirements needed across the organisation.

‘This allows us to make sure that the new system will fit our needs now and in the future,’ said Jake. ‘Very early next year we are going to be actually building. We get to see what some of this technology does for real, I am really excited to be part of that process.’

How technology can build human connection

Revolve is about enhancing human connection,’ Jake said. ‘It’s a technology that will provide better employee and customer experiences, allowing us to be more present, to understand customer journeys, and to provide care more effectively.

‘It’s about making it easier to be human and supporting customers in the way they need. The technology isn’t the end goal, the end goal is having the best tools to care for the community and care for each other.’

Concluding the year

After a year of exciting changes and transformations to the digital space, Jake is looking forward to ending the year with a well-deserved break to do the things he loves, from listening to old radio plays to going on a camping trip with his wife.

‘We will go where the roads take us,’ he said, a mindset he will also bring into the new year.

Stay tuned for more as we watch the exciting evolution of Revolve in 2022!

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