A festive December at SMCT

22 December 2021
Ornament on christmas tree

The festive season is a special time at SMCT, and this December we wanted to give our community the space to reflect on those who have passed and also celebrate life and family.

Take a look at the initiatives that took place this month, from a musical event at Bunurong Memorial Park to the traditional Children's Christmas Trees with customised ornaments created by our community.

Together by the Lake

This year, we introduced a brand new event for Bunurong Memorial Park dedicated to the community. Together by the Lake is a celebration of both the festive spirit and a reflection of our loved ones. On December 9, visitors gathered on the shore of Lake Australis as bands in the Sanctuary broadcast their music, and the clouds parted just in time for a fantastic sunset.

View our short video below to relive the evening.

band from outside glass
A variety of musical acts performed for the community.
the sanctuary lit up for music with sunset
Bands performed in the Sanctuary at Bunurong Memorial Park.
close up of band
Music included everything from anthems of remembrance to Christmas carols.
A happy visitor
The community gathered on the shore of Lake Australis.
CEO Jane Grover mingling
SMCT CEO Jane Grover attending the event.
bunurong chapel silhouette with sunset behind lake in front
Later in the evening, Bunurong Memorial Park was treated to a spectacular sunset over the lake.
Visitors with sunset behind
Our community came together for an evening of remembrance and festive cheer.
candles held up by community
Thank you to everyone who came along to Together by the Lake.

Children's Remembrance Trees

The festive season can be a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a solemn occasion for those who have lost a child. The Children’s Remembrance Christmas Trees at both Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Bunurong Memorial Park through the month of December are sacred spaces, created specifically for families who have lost a child.

This year, visitors were given the option to order a customised ornament engraved with the name of a child as a token of love and remembrance. These ornaments were available to place onto the tree at Bunurong Memorial Park's Solace Gardens and Springvale Botanical Cemetery's A J A Gardner Lawn.

Thank you to everyone who visited the trees, and our hearts are with you over the holiday season.

QR code leading to Solace Gardens
A sign points the way to the Solace Gardens.
Children's Remembrance Tree in Solace Gardens
The Children's Remembrance Tree at Bunurong Memorial Park in the Solace Gardens.
Close up of ornaments
The trees were decorated with ornaments from both us and the community.
Close up of customised personalised ornaments
Free, personalised ornaments were available in different colours.
Children's Remembrance Tree at Springvale Botanical Cemetery
The Children's Remembrance Tree at Springvale Botanical Cemetery on the A J A Gardner Lawn.
SMCT team placing ornament on tree
Team members place ornaments onto the Remembrance Tree on behalf of the community.
A J A Gardner Lawn with Children's Remembrance Tree.
We will always remember those who have moved on.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our December festivities, and thank you to the team members who made the events possible. Have a safe and happy holiday period, and we'll see you next year!

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