A colouring book by SMCT

01 August 2019
Banksia colouring picture

Colouring-in is a simple, mindful activity that can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Did you know that colouring-in has the ability to relax the mind? In particular, the section of the brain that is activated when facing stressful situations, allowing a sense of meditation through the release of stress. Colouring can also stimulate creativity as it involves choosing various colour combinations.

This week, we encourage you to pour yourself a hot cuppa, grab your best-coloured pencils and crayons, find a peaceful place and enjoy some relaxing quiet time colouring in.

We’ve created a Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust colouring book that you can download, featuring different images from our memorial park locations. Once you’ve finished a picture within the book, send it to our SMCT facebook page and we’ll post it along with sending you a voucher to enjoy at Café Vita et flores.

Download our colouring book here.

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