To enhance open communication between SMCT and all stakeholders, a variety of publications are produced both annually and on a regular basis. To view our publications please click on their title below.

2018 Annual Report - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

In keeping with our Vision, we are consistently working to create beautiful, iconic locations that empower all communities to honour and celebrate life. Through our personalised, innovative approach and enhanced service offering, we assist the living on their journey through grief with care and compassion.

LIFE - Spring Edition 2018

The Spring edition of Life focuses on honour and service – the importance of honouring the past and of having special places to visit to reflect and remember the service given to us from those who have shaped our lives.

Life - Winter Edition 2018

We are dedicated to creating unique experiences and work in partnership with our surrounds to support the living throughout their grief journey. In this issue we explore this journey through Glorious food and Flowers, embracing our Community at the Heart, Preserving Culture in our community and upcoming tours and events across all sites. 

Life - Summer Edition

This edition includes articles describing our activities and services that ensure we remain a constant advocate for the communities we serve, our people and our industry.

2017 - SMCT at a Glance

“ A measure of a good society is how well it cares for those in need. We believe that we have a responsibility
to care for those transitioning through grief.

We provide a safe haven for mourning, an environment where care is anchored in compassion, where rituals and customs are honoured and preserved, where families are able to navigate their journey at their own pace, as they come
to terms with their new reality.”

- Jane Grover, CEO SMCT.

2017 Annual Report - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

SMCT is dedicated to ensuring long term business sustainability through a balance of innovation, with the introduction of complementary service offerings, and a focus on continuous improvement across our suite of core services.

Life - Issue 2 - Winter 2017

The Winter edition of SMCT's publication 'LIFE' is now ready for you to explore. Find out about our exciting new blog, 'Honouring Life', and a host of new developments including the final mausoleum currently under construction at Melbourne General Cemetery, MYLifebook workshops at our Centre for Care and Wellbeing and an upgrade to the Witness Cremation Viewing Room at Springvale Botanical Cemetery. We hope you enjoy catching up on all the news in LIFE.

Life - inaugural Autumn Edition 2017

Welcome to the inaugural Autumn edition of Life, a publication of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust. This new publication is reflective of our focus on honouring and celebrating life.

The Southern Cemeterian - Summer Edition 2016

We are delighted to announce that Bunurong Memorial Park has achieved international recognition as runner up in the American Cemetery Excellence Awards 2016. 

As an extension of our service offering, The Centre for Care and Wellbeing is opening at Springvale Botanical Cemetery in February 2017. More information is provided in this edition, and you can visit the webpage here or register your interest by email

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust Annual Report FY16 amended March 2017

It is with great pleasure that we present the sixth Annual Report of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT).

In keeping with our strategic focus we are consistently engaging with the communities that we serve, to inform and enhance our service offerings.

2016-2020 Strategic Plan - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

We believe that every person, regardless of their religion, culture or personal preference should be able to honour and celebrate their loved one as they choose.

2015 Annual Report - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

FY 2014/15 has been a year of outstanding achievements, with SMCT significantly transforming our assets and firmly acknowledged as an industry innovator.

SMCT’s 2012-2016 Strategic Plan focused on cementing strong foundations and strengthening the organisation’s fundamental capabilities.

2014 Annual Report - Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

FY 2013/14 has borne witness to yet another year of significant achievement for our organisation.

SMCT Corporate Governance Framework

SMCT is managed in an accountable and responsible way through an effective Corporate Governance Framework.

SMCT Stakeholder Engagement Charter

Our commitment to active engagement and meaningful consultation with all stakeholders.

SMCT Planning Ahead Booklet

This booklet explains the many benefits of planning by securing locations ahead of time.

Taking care of historically significant monuments

This conservation document provides guidance for proper protection of historic monuments.