Spotlight on Paddy

31 August 2020

Tell us about your role at SMCT.

My role at SMCT is the Head Chef. I oversee all aspects of the kitchen including HQ, Café, internal and external functions, plus any back of house inquiries.

What was your first job?

I got my first job when I was very young and living in Ireland, delivering newspapers!

What is the most important thing you've learnt throughout your career?

Throughout my career, I have learnt the importance of honesty, communication and taking ownership of your actions. I believe that when you embody these three points, you will have a solid foundation for a very successful career.

What's your number one work-related goal this year?

This year has been like no other, throwing many unexpected challenges our way. My main goal is to have hospitality back up and running, including functions, seated dining and my entire team working alongside me again.

What do you wish everyone knew about SMCT?

I want people to experience what I did the first time I came through the gates. The grounds are so full of life and there is so much more than you expect, such as beautiful gardens, a lovely café and bustling functions.

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

I absolutely hate cooking dinner at home during the week, as I do enough cooking at work!

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