Remembering Dad this Father’s Day

31 August 2022
A photo of a man and his father with their back to the camera, gazing ahead at a sun-drenched field with their arms around one another.

When you no longer have your dad with you, days like Father’s Day can be tough.

And whether you’ve lost Dad recently or a long time ago, it makes sense that the sadness never really goes away.

You might find it helpful to reflect on what Dad meant to you and your family, and do your best to celebrate his memory.

If you’re having difficulty deciding the best way to honour your dad, here are some ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day without him.

A photograph of a woman holding a picture book or photo album in front of her three young children. All have disheartened expressions on their faces.
Whether you’ve lost Dad recently or a long time ago, it makes sense that the sadness never really goes away

Come together

When we’re grieving, taking comfort from family and friends by coming together can be really helpful. Remembering your dad together can help keep his memory alive.

You could do this by holding a dedicated event each year on Father’s Day where you share stories, read poems, listen to Dad’s favourite music, share a meal, or even go watch his football team play.

Spending time together can remind your wider family that they’re not grieving alone, and can offer the comfort that only our loved ones can provide.

A photograph of an elderly woman smiling on a couch, seated between her two adult children and with her arm around her son.
Spending time together on anniversaries or days like Father's Day can offer significant comfort.

Donate to charity

Giving back to the community is a thoughtful way to remember your dad while also helping others.

You could choose a charity or cause that was important to your dad and make a donation in his honour or family name. Any amount will do, it’s simply the thought that counts.

If Dad had a passion for the environment, you could plant a tree (or multiple trees) in his memory, or even get a group together to help clean up a beach of litter.

Remembering the things that were important to your dad will help you feel closer to him.

A photograph of a young man and two small children picking litter up off a beach and placing it into bags.
If Dad had a passion for the environment, you could honour him by getting a group together to help clean up a beach of litter.

Father’s Day reflection

Please note, registrations have now closed for the 2022 Father's Day reflection event. For more information about Father's Day at SMCT, and to register for future event updates and invitations, please visit

At SMCT we offer families and friends the opportunity to remember their dads at our annual Father’s Day reflection, an event to honour fathers and father figures who hold significant and influential places in our hearts.

We invite you and your family to join us at Bunurong Memorial Park's Southern Aurora Centre as we reflect on the lessons shared by our fathers and father figures on Saturday 3 September 2022, 10:30 am - 12:15 pm.

Together, we will hear from a selection of guest speakers who will share their personal experiences of fatherhood, and you’ll also have the opportunity to recognise your own father or father figure in our digital tribute gallery by completing the sentence: “My dad has taught me...”

For more information and to register, visit

An image of the 2022 Father's Day Reflection invitation graphic, a line drawing of a man pushing a child forward on a bicycle next to the words "Honouring fathers as teachers".
We look forward to welcoming members of our community to our Father's Day Reflection event at Bunurong Memorial Park. For more information or to receive updates on next year's event, please visit

Struggling with loss?

If you’re struggling with the loss of your dad or another loved one, whether recent or distant, support is available. Having someone to confide in can make all the difference.

You can speak to a family member or friend who may understand what you are going through. Confiding in others with shared memories can provide a comforting reminder of your father, while simultaneously delivering emotional support.

Alternatively, organisations like Beyond Blue or Griefline offer professional support via online forums and over-the-phone care. These services are anonymous and available from anywhere in Australia, at any time.

You can also reach out to our Centre for Care & Wellbeing, which holds a number of free community activities throughout the year.

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