Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities

SMCT is focused on the future and has developed a 2019-2023 Strategic Plan with four overarching Strategic Priorities, which align our culture, vision and values.

1 - Embracing Customer Centricity

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. To remain relevant, we must ensure that every person is able to honour and celebrate life in the way that they choose.

2 - Pursuing Strategic Growth

Our obligations are perpetual. Our relationships with families and communities surpass time and generations as we are entrusted to preserve our memorial parks for all time. Therefore, to remain sustainable in the long term, we need to pursue growth.

3 - Enhancing Strategic Engagement

Our duty is to listen and respond to our stakeholders’ needs. All stakeholders play a vital role, and we need to co-exist, complement and add value to each other, for the benefit of the mutual customers we serve.

4 - Investing In People Development

Our people - our greatest assets. To further meet our customers’ needs, we need to build a culture that nurtures creativity, innovation and high performance.

At SMCT we understand our obligation to deliver value to all stakeholders. Ensuring that we create and promote an environment that is mutually beneficial and provides our customers with choice, respect and a voice.

To discover more about each strategic priority, please click here to download the Strategic Plan 2019-2023 PDF.

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