Bunurong memorial Park Reflection Spaces

Reflection Spaces

"A meaningful funeral celebration is about saying hello on the pathway to saying goodbye."

- Dr Alan Wolfelt

Honouring loved ones

In redefining what traditional cemeteries are, we are designing community spaces that help to unite the community with places of beauty. With a range of multi-purpose reflection spaces, we provide every person, regardless of their religion, culture or personal preference an intimate space to honour and celebrate their loved one as they choose.

Reflection Spaces for the whole community
Bunurong Memorial Park Reflection Room

Reflection Space Availability

Please use the link below to check the room is available at the date and time you are needing

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Our chapels and reflection spaces are available for a variety of services prior to burial or cremation, including memorial services and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

With a range of rooms offering various seating capacities, each reflection space is private and well appointed to ensure guests are comfortable.

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Springvale Botanical Cemetery Chapels and Reflection Spaces

Bunurong Memorial Park

Providing guests with four private reflection spaces for a variety of services prior to cremation or burial, including memorial services.

Each room offers various seating capacities, with the option of combined rooms for larger groups of up to 350 seats.

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Bunurong Memorial Park - The Sanctuary
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