Terms and Conditions of Entry

About these conditions

The purpose of these Conditions of Entry is to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all visitors to Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust sites.

You must comply with these conditions and follow the reasonable directions of Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust staff, as well as any signage in relation to your entry and use of the premises (which may prohibit access to certain areas of our cemeteries - see below).


Please note, you enter the grounds of our cemeteries, memorial parks and premises at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust nor its officers, employees or contractors will be liable to you or responsible for, any loss, damage, harm or injury arising from your entry to any of our the grounds of our cemeteries, memorial parks and other premises including the buildings and without limiting this exclusion of liability, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust further excludes all liability for any loss or liability arising from or associated with death or personal injury or damage to any of your possessions or property which may occur in circumstances where you do not follow these rules.

Your behaviour

You are responsible for behaving in a manner that does not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of others. You must not behave in a manner which causes or may cause property damage or which threatens or may threaten the safety of staff, other visitors, contractors, or any other persons or demonstrates any form of antisocial behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour and disrespectful treatment of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust staff or other visitors will not be tolerated. Please be patient and always follow the directions of our staff including leaving our premises where directed to do so by our staff.


Call 000 if you require immediate assistance.

Always follow the direction of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust staff during an emergency event. We have trained staff that will provide direction.

Changing ground conditions and weather

Due to seasonal conditions, excessive rainfall may cause wet conditions. Appropriate footwear should be taken into consideration when planning a visit.

Consider days when high temperatures are expected and plan accordingly if visiting to ensure your own health and safety. Postpone visits if storms are predicted.

Walking in our grounds

Whilst we take all practical precautions to ensure our cemeteries are safe, because of the historic nature of the cemeteries and particularly, the memorials contained in them, it is important that you comply with the following rules and make every effort to be aware of the dangers both in terms of historic monuments and the environment generally, which does not permit unrestricted access.

  • You must only use designated walkways and pathways to visit and utilise facilities within Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust grounds. Our memorial locations are outdoors, and conditions are subject to change due to weather along with aging general wear and tear and we may close walkways and pathways from time to time where conditions dictate closure. You must not use walkways and pathways that are closed.
  • Monuments, in particular, may be unsafe even though this may not be apparent. Do not, under any circumstances, sit, stand or climb on or interfere with monuments.
  • Do not remove or attempt to remove any monument attachments and/or mementos from any site without the written consent of Holder of Right of Interment and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

Please also be aware that:

  • grassed areas may be undulating, and are not maintained as pathways; and
  • our sites and the assets within them can be up to and beyond 160 years of age. Please be mindful of where you step and wear footwear appropriate to where you plan to visit.


  • Road rules apply within Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust sites. Please observe all road rules, speed limits and directional signage.
  • Be mindful and demonstrate respect when driving near a funeral procession.
  • Park only in designated car parks and along road edges.
  • Do not park on grassed or garden bed areas.
  • Do not drive across lawns to access graves.
  • Cemeteries are not the ideal location for learner drivers. Other road users may be distracted, and our roads may be narrow and difficult to navigate.
  • Bike helmets must be worn when riding a bike.

Opening/closing times for our sites

Please be aware when planning your visit of our opening and closing times and plan accordingly. Bunurong Memorial Park and Springvale Botanical Cemetery have automatic exiting gates if you need to leave the site after closing hours. Other sites require you to contact security need to leave the site after closing hours and the gates are locked. If requested to leave due to gates closing, please adhere to this direction.

Compliance with all COVID-19 specific on-site requirements

Please visit our COVID-19 information page for current COVID requirements and restrictions.

Supervision of children under the age of 15

Children under the age of 15 years must always be under the supervision of a responsible adult (18 years of age or older).

Children’s playground areas

Children under the age of 15 years are always to be supervised while within SMCT grounds.

Responsible consumption of alcohol

  • Adhere to all liquor licencing rules and regulations.
  • No alcohol service to/obtained on behalf of minors.
  • Alcohol purchased on the premise is to be consumed only within designated areas.
  • Within the grounds, Greater City of Dandenong bylaws are applicable.

Walking dogs

  • Dog must be on a lead at all times and you must clean up after your dog.


  • All contractors on SMCT sites are required to check in via the online contractor management portal.

Tools and equipment

Use of tools and equipment within the grounds is permitted only by authorised Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust staff and inducted contractors.


Vandalism is a criminal offence and will not be tolerated within any of our sites.

Wildlife at our sites

  • There is an array of fauna within our sites. Please be mindful of wildlife crossing the roads or inhabiting an area you are visiting.
  • Do not harm or attempt to interfere with any wildlife.
  • If you believe the wildlife presents a threat, please report to our Customer Care team.
  • Be aware that snakes, spiders, and potentially dangerous fauna can exist in outdoor locations. Look where you step and pay attention when handling mementos and items within the grounds.


  • Be mindful around trees and look up before walking under a tree, especially after storm activity.
  • Do not pick flowers or cut shrubs/roses/trees. These may be memorial items and are to be attended to only by experienced Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust staff.


  • No open flames or burning tins during Total Fire Ban days.
  • Never leave open flames or burning tins unattended, put it out before you leave.
  • Do not place hot ashes in plastic bins.
  • Dispose of expelled candles and oils in the appropriate reciprocals.

Days of extreme fire danger/fire ban

  • No lighting candles or burning offerings during these times.
  • Sorrento Community Cemetery will be closed on extreme fire danger days.

Video surveillance within some areas of the cemetery

CCTV cameras are in place within Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust sites for safety and protection of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust staff and assets.

Photography and video services within our grounds

You may wish to photograph or video a service you are attending. Please be mindful not to film other people within the area or interfere with any livestreaming video services.

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