Monumental Graves


Monumental Graves

Monumental Graves are usually divided to designate religion or nationality and provide for a full monument to be placed on the grave. In most of these areas, pre-poured concrete foundations offer a stable base for the monument.

In some exclusive precincts, Monumental Graves are offered in various direction, positions and sizes that include Family Graves, Premium Graves, Super Deluxe Graves and Deluxe Graves. Please view special areas by location below.

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Dual Row Graves

The majority of Monumental Graves with foundations are designed as a dual row of graves.

Single Row Graves

In certain areas within the cemetery, directional specific Monumental Graves are designed as a single row of graves allowing for a more exclusive memorial.

Graves without Foundations

A small number of graves located within the older sections of the cemetery may not have pre-poured foundations. Therefore, a Monumental Mason is required to install foundations before the erection of a monument.

Premium Length Graves (Longer graves)

Premium Length Graves allow for larger monuments and therefore provide additional space when lowering the coffin/casket into the grave. These graves are available in both dual and single rows (Limited Availability).

Commemoration: Approved Full Monument.

Bunurong Memorial Park

Special Areas

Saint Lazarus Greek Orthodox Monumental Graves

Adjacent to the Saint Lazarus Greek Orthodox Church and near Lake Australis, Monumental Graves are available. This dedicated area provides the Greek community with a peaceful setting for family and friends to come together and honour and celebrate life.

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Bunurong Memorial Park - Greek Orthodox Church

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