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Headstone Lawn Grave

Elegantly located amongst established trees, Headstone Lawn Graves combine the simplicity of a lawn burial with the prestige of a personalised granite headstone monument. They complement the natural environment that surrounds them helping to create an intimate and peaceful setting to celebrate and reflect on life.

Headstone Lawn Graves offer considerable flexibility for families looking to be located together. They are available in either single, double or triple width options. Please note a single width grave will allow for a maximum of three interments, a double width grave six interments and a triple width grave a maximum of nine interments. The required depth must be confirmed ahead of the first interment.

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Headstone Lawn Grave interment diagram

Headstone lawn graves (with beam)

Alternatively, Headstone Lawn Graves (with beam) are available. The pre-installed reinforced foundations ensure limited movement occurs to the headstone monument.

Commemoration: Approved Headstone arranged through a Monumental Mason or Bronze Plaque on granite base arranged through the cemetery's customer care team.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Special Areas

Song He Yuan Headstone Lawn Graves

(Limited Positions Available)
Designed to Feng Shui principles and positioned on a westward facing slope, the Song He Yuan headstone lawn graves combine the simplicity of a lawn grave with the prestige of a personalised granite headstone. Surrounded by established gardens and calming water features, you can enjoy a high degree of privacy for reflection within Song He Yuan.

Song He Yuan Gardens

Cassia Headstone Lawn Grave

The Cassia Headstone lawn located near the cemetery's main entrance, provides convenient roadside access, with the adjacent Cassia garden providing a beautiful backdrop to the grave area.

Enquire about a Cassia Headstone Lawn Grave
Cassia Headstone Lawn Grave

Jewish Headstone Lawn Grave

Characterised by its striking display of roses and shrubs, the Jewish Headstone Lawn is a dedicated area for the Jewish community to come together and reflect. A variety of different headstone grave packages are offered in the area and include both the grave and granite headstone.

Enquire about a Jewish Headstone Lawn Grave
Jewish Headstone Lawn Grave

Ogilvie Headstone on Beam Lawn Grave

Within the L.J.B. Ogilvie Headstone on Beam Lawn area, the range of headstone styles and granite options have been carefully chosen to ensure the quality of the area for future generations. This option provides you with the convenience of a package including all the elements most families require.

Enquire about a Ogilvie Headstone on Beam Lawn Grave
Ogilvie Headstone on Beam Lawn Grave

Bunurong Memorial Park

Special Areas

Lake Australis Headstone Lawn Graves

For those who appreciate the calmness of water and the beauty of nature, the native gardens of remembrance that surround Lake Australis provide profoundly serene places to pause and reflect.

Surrounded by native trees, the Woodlands area provides a burial option that combines the classic simplicity of a lawn grave with the prestige of a personalised granite headstone. With graves spaced out, rather than within traditional rows, the Woodlands area will appeal to those who are looking for a degree of privacy for reflection or flexibility in terms of grave size or specific direction.

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Bunurong Memorial Park

Rawda Ar-Rahman (Garden of Mercy)

The Rawda Ar-Rahman offers burial locations positioned North to South and provides options for those who appreciate a small headstone or modest tablet. A dedicated area designed to observe the cultural and traditional needs of the Islamic community. With stunning views across Lake Australis, Rawda Ar-Rahman is a peaceful and private place for families to honour and remember loved ones.

Enquire about a Rawda Ar-Rahman Headstone Lawn Grave
Bunurong Memorial Park

We are here to help

At such a difficult time, often there is a lot to consider, and the process of organising a burial may seem complicated. We are a not-for-profit and purpose-driven organisation, committed to providing choice, flexibility and the most considered support services for you at your time of need. We offer a range of burial packages that help simplify the steps required, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our customer care team can walk you through options available, to help you make the experience of honouring your loved one as meaningful as possible.

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